TV shows that were cancelled Twice

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TV shows get cancelled for many reasons. Most of the time, it is because the show did not get enough viewership or because of a lack of advertisers for that particular show/slot. Sometimes, the network executives may feel they have too many shows in the same genre and then axe the one with the lowest ratings.

Getting axed is a part of the show business. But what if you got axed twice? That could be really embarrassing. Here are some of the TV shows that got axed twice. Did the Execs get it wrong twice? are any of your favourites in the list?

  1. Southland.

Southland is one of the most critically acclaimed crime dramas that got the axe twice. It was initially cancelled after its first season in 2009, due to poor ratings in NBC. Then it was purchased by TNT and the network commissioned six new episodes for season two. TNT finally pulled the plug after season five and it never got a chance again.

  1. Jericho

Jericho was cancelled by CBS after its first season because the audience numbers were so low that it was not feasible. But after its first cancellation, fans sent CBS 20 tonnes of nuts to force them to reconsider and the network relented. But even after the reboot, Jericho could not muster enough interest, forcing CBS to pull the plug after the second season.

  1. Roswell

 Roswell had its dedicated audience and yet struggled in its first two seasons. WB decided to axe the show due to low ratings. But the producers of the show, 20th Century Fox pushed UPN to show the third season during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer slot. But UPN did not pick up the fourth season, nixing the show for the second time. According to many sources, Roswell may get another chance at CW which has ordered a pilot for the reboot. Will it materialise or get another axe, only time will tell.

  1. The Killing

The Killing had a great start in 2010. But the series’ season one finale irked so many fans and critics that its audience numbers dropped in season 2. AMC cancelled the show in July 2012. But it soon reached a cost-sharing deal with the producers of the show, Fox Television Studios and Netflix and the production of the third season continued. But the show could not improve its audience numbers and was shut down once again in 2013.

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