How Free Porn is destory the Adult industry ?

Based on how popular porn is as of late, one would think that all is well in the adult industry. However, most people are surprised to know that the porn sector has been suffering. Although there is no end in finding free porn content online, there are plenty of issues. The porn industry is struggling on several fronts. Most of it has to do with the millions of porn sites available providing visitors with gratis smut. Much of it is pirated content which is the same problem Hollywood mainstream movies & TV shows deal with.

Additionally, the adult sector is having trouble due to the amateur porn factor. With mobile devices capable of recording in high quality, anyone can make a movie. Better said, any person can make a pornographic video. While most of them are amateurish in nature, that doesn’t matter. In fact, that amateur aspect is actually one that is welcome by porn lovers. Many of them are tired of the perfectly looking pornstars on most professionally created smut films. These women have chiseled bodies and flawless tits. The male actors also look flawless in some extent.

It’s based on these issues that amateur style porn has become so trendy. People have been embracing the reality-type TV shows for decades now. They also want their porn to have a realistic style to it. Those that watch homemade porn films, enjoy it on several fronts. Besides being free, they also get to see real men and women having sex. These are everyday people like themselves. Unlike professional porn actors, the participants are not flawless. Some may be overweight or out of shape. But that doesn’t matter as much as the porn itself. In truth, this type of porn makes the viewer feel more connected. They can relate to it since the participants look just like they do.

One adult site named Pornhub, has become one of the best sites in the world for this type of porn. It is what makes them get more than 87 million visitors a day. The site has millions of pornographic videos, erotic pictures and much more. All can be viewed for free with only occasional ads to deal with. It is literally a small price to pay for those who want free porn all day. The irony of it all is that Pornhub flourishes based on users uploaded smut. Individuals from all over the world upload their amateur porn movies to the site. It’s partly why the site always has new content every hour.

There are even porn viewing paying sites which promote their adult movies on Pornhub. For instance, Brazzers is renowned for their high-quality adult films. Unlike Pornhub, Brazzers charges users a fee to check out their porn. Of course they offer HD, 4K Ultra quality adult films. Plus, they have some of the world’s most beautiful and hottest pornstars. Yet in order to bring people to their site or promote their films, Brazzers will upload free movie clips to other adult sites; including Pornhub. They can be compared to trailers which get the person interested in the film. If the viewer likes the movie or the adult film actress in it, they can go to the original site.

How Free Porn is destory the Adult industry ?

Overall, the web is full of porn tube sites offering all the free porn a person can desire. The porn industry has a catch-22 situation on their hand. While they are enjoying being the most popular content on the internet, they also have to deal with the consequences behind it. One of them is users who refuse or are unwilling to pay to view porn. After all, why pay for something when you can get it for free?